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How to get (and keep!) a shiny coat on your dog

How to get (and keep!) a shiny coat on your dog

Jun 28, 2022


Chang Liu

Nothing screams ‘healthy pup’ more than a shiny fur coat. The way it shimmers in the sunlight, the smile that your dog just can’t shake – a shiny coat is all down to baths and brushing, good exercise and plenty healthy food. Here are some helpful tips to give your pet a sparkling sheen.

Make sure you brush them regularly

No matter how long or short your dog’s coat is, it’s a good habit to groom them about once a week or so. This is because brushing removes dead hair, sloughs away dry skin and disperses the natural oils – which means a cleaner, healthier coat for your pet.

Of course some dogs will need brushing much more than weekly or fortnightly. Double-coated pets, for example, need to be brushed up to four times per week just to maintain their fur.

One added benefit of regular brushing is that you’ll get to bond with your pet. Plus, with each brush you’ll get to know their body a bit better, which helps when looking for any foreign nasties like ticks, or even potential cancerous lumps.

Bathing your dog means more than just a quick rinse

Sticking the hose on old Fido isn’t the same as giving them a proper bath. You’ll need to take the time to get their entire coat damp, use a dog-friendly shampoo and dry them off properly each time.

There are a few tips that can help you shampoo your dog, and hopefully over time they will learn to stay calm instead of running away at the sight of the garden hose! Here’s how you should approach bathing your dog:

  • Give your dog a nice, calming brush before bath time. Not only will this relax them, but it will loosen up any matted fur that can retain water.
  • When it’s time to get them wet, use lukewarm water – not too hot and not too cold.
  • Keep your dog calm by talking to them in a soothing, reassuring voice. If that fails, the old peanut butter on the wall trick may work.
  • Only use a dog-friendly shampoo – not a shampoo for humans.
  • Rinse your pup’s fur thoroughly.
  • Give them a quick dry with a towel and then let them air-dry naturally afterwards.
  • Make sure you reward your dog for being such a good boy or girl for their bath!

What to do with matted fur

If your dog isn’t being brushed or bathed regularly enough, their fur can get tangled and matted. Not only does it look unsightly, but matted fur also holds water. That means when it comes time for a bath, the water can stay on their skin and cause serious irritation.

The easiest way to deal with matted fur is to brush it out. You may need to get the fur a bit wet first and then use both your fingers and brush to straighten it out. But if it’s gone too far and the fur is actually hurting your pet trying to detangle it, then it’s time to bring out the big guns. Grab the scissors or the clippers and cut the offending matted fur off for good.

Your dog’s diet has a big influence on their coat

It’s not just brushing and washing that gives your dog a nice shiny coat. In fact, much of it is down to what your dog is putting into its body.

That means you can actually play a big role in giving your dog a brilliant sheen. A healthy diet can quickly turn a dull coat bright again, with things like fish oils (thanks to the omega-3), eggs and oats

The most important thing is to avoid foods with any grains. A grain-free dog food that’s rich with nutrients, freeze-dried meats and no fillers or artificial preservatives can put your pooch on the fast-track to a shiny coat.

Ready to give your furry best friend the nutrition they deserve? Pure Life Pets has a wide range of grain-free and allergy-friendly food for adult dogs and puppies.

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