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Are you a cat person? Here’s how to tell

Are you a cat person? Here’s how to tell

Jun 28, 2022


Chang Liu

There seems to be a general consensus that you’re either a cat person or a dog person. Dogs are great for companionship, long walks and unconditional love, while cats are seen as more refined creatures who like to do things their own way.
Because they are such a great pet to have in and around the house, it’s no wonder there are more than 3.3 million domestic cats in Australia alone. Here’s how to spot whether you’re a cat person…


1. You can’t deal with poop in public

What could be more humiliating than always having to carry around poop bags? Bending down in the middle of a busy street or park and literally picking up your pet’s poop. Dogs might be a barrel of laughs, but they certainly don’t do their business in a litter box.

2. You’ve reconsidered your place in the household hierarchy

While crueller commentators would say dogs are emotionally shallow animals – allowing humans to always be ‘top dog’ in the house – cat people know better than that. There’s something about having a pet cat that immediately puts you a rung below your feline friend on the household hierarchy. It’s easier just to accept that from the start!

3. You try to befriend every cat you see on the street


That’s the universal sound humans make to attract cats – even ones they’ve never met before. If you find yourself instinctively kneeling down, reaching out your hand and making silly noises to entice a strange cat in your direction, you’re most definitely a cat person

4. You’ve made peace with never having fancy furniture

Fur-less couches, scratch-free bed posts, curtains without claw marks all over them – leave all that stuff to the pet-free people. You’ve made your cat bed and you’re happy to lie in it, even if that means you’ll never be able to splurge on expensive furniture because it will immediately become your cat’s favourite new thing to scratch.

5. You aren’t offended by cat scratches

Speaking of cat scratches, you proudly wear claw marks as a badge of honour. Whether they most commonly appear on your arms, neck, legs, face or back, cat scratches are a sure-fire sign that your pet feline absolutely adores you… right?

6. You’re completely used to cat fur on your clothes

When you first brought your cat home, you tried to keep your clothes clean by using one of those sticky pet-fur rollers. But after using it for the fifth time in a single day, you waved goodbye to ever having fur-free clothes again. Now it’s just like taking a piece of your cat with you everywhere you go.

7. You can’t do daily walks

While it’s nice to get out into the sunshine every once in a while, how on earth do dog people have the patience to walk the same route every day just so their slobbery buddy can get their daily walk in? Cats know how to take care of their exercise regimen just fine on their own – and since you take care of giving them natural, protein rich cat food, they are always in good shape!

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